The BIG advantage to selling in winter

So many people overlook selling in Winter…

Did you know that there’s less competition for both sellers and buyers. For sellers, there are fewer properties on the market to compete with.

One of the benefits of buying a home in the winter months is you are generally seeing it at its coldest and most unflattering time of the year. This means homes that provide good natural light and are well-ventilated will be more obvious upfront.

The prevailing axiom of selling in winter is that the property market sneezes when the weather freezes. Although there are typically less stock and fewer buyers, you can actually use these factors to your advantage.

Less competition

Because people still subscribe to the notion that it is better to wait until spring to sell your house, this results in fewer properties available for sale during winter. The decrease in stock means that there are fewer vendors to compete with, culminating in less competition and a rise in demand.

Motivated buyers

Buyer management is a major part of the selling process. One of the aspects of buyer management is finding a genuine buyer who will remain solid until the end of the settlement. In winter, separating hot and motivated buyers from the cold ones becomes easier – because let’s be frank, who wants to be out and about on grey, cold and rainy days if you’re just looking around?

Best time to upgrade or downsize

If you are looking to upgrade or downsize from your current home, a sale in winter can boost your chances of scoring your ideal property when more stock come onto the market in spring.



Warmth and cosiness

One of the underrated pleasures of winter is that moment when you take shelter in a warm and cosy home after being out in the cold. To evoke this ambience for your home, crank up the heating or light up the fireplace (if you have one), throw some comfy blankets on the couch, and maybe even put a rug on the tiled floors. Guaranteed, your buyers will want to snuggle up real quickly!

Lighting is everything

Unlike bright summer days, the days in winter are generally dark and grey. So, you might have to bid adieu to getting the best natural light. In order to counter this, turn on all of your lamps and lighting fixtures so your home can bask in its rightful glow.

Preserve the cleanliness of your home

To avoid water trickling down from people’s coats and traces of mud on your carpets, you would want to arrange for there to be a coat rack, umbrella stand, and a welcome mat outside. This will give the impression to visitors that the property is well cared for.

Timing for Open For Inspections (OFI’s)

Before planning for your OFI’s, it is best to read the forecast and choose a time that will have the brightest sun so you can enhance the interior lighting of your place. On another note, you must also prepare for unexpected home opens because some buyers have a more limited free time during winter compared to other seasons.

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