Who Are Black Fox Real Estate?

You may have seen a few of our signs pop up around the Peninsula of late, but who are Black Fox Real Estate? Let’s find out!

Before Black Fox was born, I had begun my real estate career with a Harcourts franchise office in Mount Eliza. For 3 years I sharpened my knowledge of the industry and had the urge to change the way we operate our sales and processes today. I figured that by branching out and launching Black Fox Real Estate, I could manage property campaigns in a manner that benefits the entire real estate realm, Vendors, Buyers and other Agents alike.

The innovation excited me and Black Fox Real Estate is built on exactly that. Innovation. We’ve introduced a new way of marketing your home, through our VIP Agent Preview nights. Essentially, other real estate agents and buyers advocates have the opportunity to see your home and if they have a buyer in their contact list, we’ll help facilitate a sale with them and share with them up to 40% of the selling commission.

Meaning more people are seeing your home, more agents have incentive to work on selling your home and more inactive buyers are being contacted to view your home. This results in a faster, more successful sale. Vendors then only need to deal with their Black Fox Agent who takes care of the entire campaign.

I’ve been a vendor, I’ve been a seller multiple times. I know how hard it is when dealing with a bad agent and how great it feels when dealing with good agents.  Thanks to this, I’ve been able to learn through my experience what I can do for my clients to make the selling process as smooth as possible. Throughout my experience of buying and selling 25 of my own homes, I’ve realised that selling a home is about a holistic marketing campaign that thinks outside the box.

We are all about relationships. We want to get to know our clients, so that we can provide for their every need. We understand the struggles and decisions that face you when it comes time to sell, because we’ve been there. We’ll take all the pressure and stress away to help give you a sales experience like no other.

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